The origin of our family business


Attic in Heerenveen

In 1991, Mr A. Bakker started his transport business from his attic. He arranged freight transport for clients without having an own lorry. The assignments he received were placed with other transport companies.


His first own trailers

Growth in the supply of cargo prompted the purchase in 1995 of the first trailers, which were pulled by fixed charters and used mainly for international destinations.


Driving of first pile cold-storage warehouse

This year, one hectare of land was purchased on the IBF industrial estate in Heerenveen. The second Bakker generation witness the driving of the first pile in the construction of a new logistics centre. Bakker Transport & Warehousing still remains based at this strategic location today.


Opening and relocation current location

1998 marked the opening of the Bakker cold-storage warehouses on the IBF industrial estate, from which we continue to operate. During the first years, the facility was used mainly for the storage of frozen products, such as fish and meat, for our clients. Later, under the influence of changing market needs, the focus shifted to providing our clients with a full service by offering complete warehousing activities.


Specialist in faraway destinations

At the beginning of this century, Bakker Transport & Warehousing was a specialist in long-distance road haulage. Carrying high-value goods and fresh produce, weekly trips were made to destinations such as Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. The Bakker lorries criss-crossed the continent. (Photo: Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco)


More in the region

Changing market needs prompted us in 2007 to focus more on regional distribution and transport. With rising competition on the faraway destinations and prices coming under pressure, our area of operations gradually centred more on the Benelux and parts of Germany, although the other destinations are of course still served by our international shipping department.


Purchase first CryoTech

The first CryoTech cooling unit was purchased from Thermo King Transportkoeling in 2012. CryoTech represents a new generation of cooling units, using a CO2 cooling system. This innovation is whisper quiet and has no negative impact on the environment. It is one of the systems that we use to achieve sustainable operations. Towards a cleaner environment.


Driving of first pile Food Grade Warehouse

October 2014 saw the driving of the first pile by the third Bakker generation. The building plot measures 10,000 square metres, of which 5,400 square metres will accommodate a 13m-high warehouse with offices. The warehouse will be fitted out with mobile pallet-racking systems, enabling a 90% load degree.


Opening Food Grade Warehouse

Mr T. van der Zwan, the mayor of Heerenveen, officially opened the Food Graded Warehouse of Bakker Transport & Warehousing on 2 May 2015. New challenges await Bakker. Agreement has recently been reached with the Municipality of Heerenveen on the purchase of an additional 12,000 m² of land. This space will be used for lorry parking, the building of an own refuelling station and, in time, expansion of the structural facilities.