No hassle with paperwork

Our ambition is to be your full-service partner. Besides storage and physical distribution, we can also assume responsibility for Customs handling. This includes the management of import certificates, arranging the necessary certificates of origin and the drawing up of export documents.

Tax representation

Bakker Transport & Warehousing can assume the tax representation for companies outside the EU. This means that we represent your company in the Netherlands and are responsible for all transactions and the correct payment of VAT.

Customs clearance of goods

By taking care of Customs clearance, we also ensure the quick release of goods to you. We can promptly take care of all Customs formalities on your behalf, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Customs storage

Would you like to store your goods before Customs clearance? Goods originating from outside the EU, of which the final destination is not yet known, can be stored with us in Customs warehouse C. As no import duties or VAT need be paid on these goods during storage, your liquidity position remains strong.

Want to know more about our Customs facilities? Then contact Bakker Transport & Warehousing in Heerenveen.

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