Receipt and release of goods

Bakker Transport & Warehousing not only helps with storage, but can also provide all related logistics services, from registration to inspection and from documentation to delivery.

Registration and inspection of goodsBokke 1

All products are, on receipt, registered, checked, put on pallets and placed in storage. We immediately check a number of criteria, such as quantity, quality and temperature.

Do you have additional requirements? Then let us know. We will immediately, by means of our Warehouse Management System (WMS), notify you of any non-conformities.

Shipment of goods

When loading goods, we select the appropriate pallets and, after inspection, place them ready for transport. Goods are then loaded into containers or on pallets. From our warehouse, we export to over 80 countries, whether by maritime of air freight, or by road transport.

Want to know what we can do for your company in the receipt and release of goods? Then contact Bakker Transport & Warehousing in Heerenveen.



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